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Our Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is an excellent source of CoQ10

CoQ10, or ubiquinone, is an enzyme with numerous health benefits. Our Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is a rich source of CoQ10 as we explain here.

What’s the fuss about seasonal eating?

While strawberries are now available to buy in the depths of winter, and squash can be found on shelves during summer heatwaves, eating seasonally has become a growing movement. As well as being friendlier on the purse strings, eating foods according to the season we’re in also locks in more nutrients and packs a more […]

Eating Well On A Budget

From stashing our fridges with rainbows of fruit and veg to reducing sugar and embracing healthy fats and proteins, most of us know how to eat for good health. Yet, buying mountains of fresh and colourful produce can take its toll on our bank account – particularly when we’re feeling the squeeze during the cost […]

Good advice on going Vegan

With supermarket aisles now laden with rainbows of plant-based foods, and our favourite restaurants offering an array of fun and delicious dishes, enjoying a vegan diet has never been easier.

3 types of coconut cooking oil – all different, healthy and delicious

Native to all tropical regions of the world, the coconut tree is known as “the tree of life” and it’s not hard to see why.

Almost every part of the tree and its fruit can be used in some way, providing food, fuel, cosmetics, folk medicine and building materials, among many other things.

Here at Olivado, we use the fruit to make three distinct types of cooking oil, each with their own specific uses.

A vegetarian starter, main and dessert from Olivado

With more and more people choosing the vegetarian lifestyle, it’s essential for restaurants, cafes and food stores to offer meat-free options.

In that spirit, we’ve put together a delicious 3-course meal suitable for vegetarians but loved by everyone!

Give your baking a delicious twist with our sweet almond oil

If you love baking, sweet almond oil is the secret weapon in your arsenal.
Delivering a sweet, nutty flavour, it can transform ordinary recipes into something special.

Three of the best quick and tasty pasta dishes you will love!

One of the great things about pasta is its endless variety.

From spaghetti to lasagne, cannelloni to orzo, penne to ravioli, the types of pasta available is only eclipsed by the number of ways to cook it.

Here are three of the best.

Why sesame oil is a must-have in your kitchen

Sesame cooking oil has an unmistakably unique, delicious, nutty flavour, bringing recipes to life and offering multiple health benefits.

Healthy, tasty and easy – 3 delicious fish recipes for you to try

The beauty of fish is its variety.

Fish come in all shapes and sizes – and flavours. Add to that the hundreds of different ways to cook them and you’ve got practically limitless options for a delicious and healthy meal!

Here are 3 of our favourites.

Want to become a better cook? You need our infused avocado range!

Cooking with bland oil is boring.

Cooking with our award-winning avocado oil helps bring dishes to life, adding flavour and goodness to your meal.

But did you know we have a secret weapon in our kitchen? One that can take your cooking skills to another level?

Meet our infused avocado range, six mouth-watering flavours that transform any recipe!

Three Mexican dishes from the Olivado cookbook!

Mexican food is one of the most popular national cuisines in the world and it’s not hard to see why.

Packed with spices and flavours, Mexican food covers such a wide range of dishes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Three platter foods to keep you going until dinner

Whether you’re hosting a party or just want something for the kids to nibble on, a platter is the perfect way to go.

Here are three finger foods you can try at home, perfect for any occasion.

Olivado is nuts! Why our nut oil range is perfect for any kitchen!

We started with avocado oil, but as we’ve grown, we’ve added a whole range of delicious oils to the Olivado family, including our amazing nut collection.

Three hearty stews for those cold dark nights

Winter is almost upon us.
The nights are longer, the days are shorter, and the temperature is dropping.
And although it might be a while until we’re having barbies on the beach again, these darker nights give us the chance to cuddle up in front of the fire with a delicious bowl of homemade stew.
Here are three recipes to try in the coming months.

Bulk avocado oil is now available from Olivado

Olivado is the world’s largest producer of avocado oil so it makes sense to get your bulk avocado oil from us.

This post tells you everything you need to know about ordering our bulk avocado oil.

Three delicious salmon recipes from our cookbook

Salmon is not only delicious, but an incredibly versatile fish, rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

It can be poached, smoked, pan-fried, roasted, grilled or eaten raw, with each way just as delicious as the last.

Here are three recipes using our oils that help bring out the best in salmon.

Our natural infusion oil range (and a recipe for each one!)

Olivado’s Natural Range is perfect for cooking and baking, bringing a touch of flavour to everyday dishes and transforming them into something special.

By simply adding a little hint of flavour, you can take a recipe to another level, creating something new, something special, and something you’ll always come back to.

Why our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is simply the best

There’s pure olive oil, light olive oil, and then there’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which might just be the healthiest low heat cooking oil out there.

Three easter recipes for you to try this year!

Easter is coming!

And even though someone throws a dart at a calendar to decide when, it’s definitely in April this year (we checked).

Get ready for Easter with these 3 recipes, a starter, main, and dessert, all with a holiday feel!

5 reasons why avocado oil is good for you

Avocados are amazing.

More potassium than a banana, more protein than any other fruit, half the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin K, and a third of Vitamin C.

And this is just the start.

Three vegetarian salads for you to easily whip up at home!

You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy a good salad!

These three recipes will delight the tastebuds of even the most hardened meat-eater.

Easy to make, packed with flavour, and good for your health!

Bring Southeast Asia into your kitchen with our delicious peanut oil!

Our extra virgin peanut oil is quite simply the best on the market. No additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients, just healthy, delicious peanut oil.

Three burger recipes to satisfy the hungriest appetite!

There’s nothing like a good burger.

Whether it’s a juicy beef burger or a spicy chicken burger, it’s a meal that’s not only quick to make, but everyone loves, especially kids!

Here are three of our favourite burger recipes for you to try, each made with one of our delicious cooking oils.

The Olivado Essentials Mixed Pack – Our 6 most popular oils in one box!

You simply can’t go wrong with the Olivado Essentials Pack.

These six cooking oils cover all the bases when it comes to cooking, no matter what you’re having for dinner!

It’s fishing season! Do justice to your catch of the day with these 3 recipes

Summer is here and the barbeques are all fired up!
And with a long and illustrious history of fishing, New Zealand is one of the best places in the world to catch your own lunch!

Bring your cooking game to the next level with our High Heat cooking oil

Knowing which type of oil to add to enhance the flavour is only half the battle.

Get ready for summer with these 3 barbeque recipes

Summer is almost here and that can only mean one thing… it’s barbeque time!

Slap on the sunscreen, invite some friends over and try one of these delicious barbeque recipes.

Each one is different, but delicious in their own way. Enjoy!

Olivado’s Omega oil – the perfect blend of avocado oil and olive oil

Olivado’s wide range of cooking oils can transform any dish, but there’s one that combines our two most popular oils to create something truly special.

Our unique Omega oil is a subtle blend of avocado and olive oils, with a hint of flaxseed thrown in to enhance the taste.

3 gluten-free recipes from the Olivado cookbook

Gluten-free recipes have exploded in popularity in recent years, mainly as a fad in the dietary world.

But for those who suffer from coeliac disease, avoiding gluten is a serious issue, not a fashionable diet.

Why our macadamia nut oil should be in every kitchen!

For anyone with a taste for nuts, we have a treat for you!
Our incredible macadamia nut oil brings a fresh, unique flavour to any recipe, as well as a range of amazing health benefits.

3 baking recipes from the Olivado cookbook

For many people, baking is a way to show love by showering friends and family with delicious treats, and these 3 baking recipes hit the mark!

Pros and cons of the Keto diet

The keto diet has exploded in popularity in recent years, mainly due to social media, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

The diet is popular with those who want to lose a few pounds quickly, but does it actually work?

We go into the purported pros and cons of the keto diet, asking if it’s really worth it, is it safe and what you should eat if it is.

3 recipes proving why lamb is New Zealand’s favourite meat

Russia has its bears, Australia has its kangaroos and here in New Zealand, we have our sheep. At one point there were 70 million of them, so it’s no wonder we’ve found plenty of delicious lamb recipes over the years. Here are three of them for you to try at home with our delicious oils.

Olivado’s incredible liquid coconut oil

Ideal for healthy baking, cooking, dips, sauces, dressings and smoothies, our Natural Liquid Coconut Oil retains all the nutritional goodness from coconuts, yet captures it in a convenient liquid form.

3 delicious salads suitable for vegetarians

A light, delicious salad can be just what the doctor ordered. They’re healthy, nutritious and help you lose weight. These 3 salads tick all those boxes and are also suitable for vegetarians!

Sustainable Gastronomy Day and our commitment to the environment

This month marked International Sustainable Gastronomy Day, a relatively new day in the global event calendar.

A starter, main and dessert – perfect food for cold winter nights!

A starter, main and dessert, delicious warming and comforting food perfect for cold winter nights that tastes great and easy to put together.

Sweet Almond Oil – an ancient essential ingredient with unique flavour

Olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, sesame oil… these are what we normally associate with cooking oils. But we have an ace up our sleeve – sweet almond oil.

Healthy and tasty! Three seafood recipes made with our Avocado oil

Fish is rich in calcium and phosphorus and a great source of minerals. Here are three of our favourite recipes for you to try at home.

Smoke point of cooking oils and why it matters

Finding the right tool for the right job is important, and the world of cooking oils is no different. The smoking point of cooking oils differs depending on what that oil is made from, and as such, affects food in different ways.

Let’s go nuts! Starter, main and dessert made with our nut oils

Nut lovers rejoice! We’ve put together this stunning 3-course meal with each dish made from one of our delicious nut oils.

3 different types of meat cooked with our amazing Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pretty special, but put together with the following three recipes, it creates something magical!

How we turn avocado waste avocado into energy!

Olivado’s CEO explains how their pioneering biogas plants in Africa came about and their importance to the New Zealand farming industry.

Why our natural infusion range will transform your cooking skills!

Perfect for both cooking and baking, our Natural Infusion Range is the simplest way you can bring your cooking skills to the next level.

3 mouth-watering vegetarian recipes to try at home

Whether you’re a vegetarian, have veggie friends, or you’re considering making the switch but are worried there’s nothing tasty to eat, these three recipes won’t steer you wrong!

Olivado’s mixed packs – find the best cooking oil for your recipe!

Discover a world of different flavours and tastes with Olivado’s mixed packs, the easiest way to find the best cooking oil for your meals!

3 delicious chicken salads to try this summer

Summer is here and our tastes turn toward meals that are light, tasty and quick to make – try our 3 delicious chicken salads!

Fire up the barbeque for summer with these three seafood recipes!

Summer is here, so we’ve put together these three seafood recipes you can make on the barbie, each one delicious in its own right!

Our Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is scientifically proven to benefit health

Due to recent scientific studies, we can proudly say that our Extra Virgin Avocado oil reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease.

3 delicious desserts made with our incredible coconut oils

When you add Olivado extra virgin coconut oils to these three delicious dessert recipes you add another dimension and quality to the flavour.

Olivado’s sesame oil brings something different to your table

Known as the Queen of Cooking Oils sesame oil has been a staple of our diet for thousands of years. Find out more about this amazing oil here.

Love to bake? These 3 delicious baking oils bring recipes to life!

For many people, baking is more than simply food preparation. It’s a way to show love by showering friends and family with delicious treats. It can also be a meditative, therapeutic way to relieve stress, or in its simplest form, a relaxing hobby to pass the time.

Transform ordinary food into something special with extra virgin peanut oil

With its smooth nutty flavour, multiple health benefits, and high smoking point, peanut oil is prized in Asian and Middle-Eastern dishes and recipes.

A taste of Mexico – 3 Mexican classics with the Olivado twist!

Mexican food is one of the world’s most admired cuisines, exploding in popularity in recent years thanks to TV shows, fast food chains, and the internet.

We’ve brought you 3 Mexican food classics to try at home, all made with the help of our delicious Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.

The benefits of our organic extra virgin coconut oil

A Chef’s ultimate weapon, our organic extra virgin coconut oil is great for all types of cooking and brings a myriad of health benefits too!

A taste of Italy – 3 pasta dishes that will blow you away

Italy is renowned the world over as the home of great pasta, so we’ve put together our favourite pasta dishes for you to enjoy at home.

Why our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best on the market

There’s regular olive oil, virgin olive oil, and extra virgin olive oil… and then there’s Olivado’s organic extra virgin olive oil, the best of the best.

A taste of Thailand – Beef, Chicken and Prawn

Thai food is a whirlwind of flavour, texture, and colour. Rich in cultural history, regional spices, and cooking methods, it’s not only delicious, but healthy too!

What the food purchasing world might look like post Covid-19

As the world starts to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, what does the new normal look like when it comes to buying food? Healthy, local, and home-cooked!

A starter, main and dessert from Chef Brett McGregor

Chef Brett McGregor is a big fan of our cooking oils. So much so, that he uses them exclusively in his kitchen! Check out these recipes for a perfect 3-course meal from the renowned Kiwi Chef.

Cornish sea salt and Olivado

Amazing food starts with sourcing fantastic ingredients and we’re big fans of Cornish Sea Salt.

5 reasons why Olivado’s Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is the best in the world

If you’re serious about cooking, then you’ll know the importance of high-quality cooking oils, and our avocado oil is quite simply the best in the world. Here are 5 reasons why.

Three completely different meals using chicken as the main ingredient

Got some chicken in the fridge but you’re not sure what to do with it? These three recipes will give your three totally different dishes, each one delicious in its own way!

Three delicious hot pie recipes, suitable for any occasion!

Pies come in all shapes and sizes, so we’ve conjured up three of our delicious hot pie recipes, all very different, but each one special in its own way. Perfect for the colder winter months!

3 reasons to eat more avocados supported by scientific research

The Swiss Army Knife of cuisine, avocados are one of the most versatile foods around. Discover why avocados and their oil should be in everyone’s kitchen.

Three delicious pasta recipes made with our amazing olive oil

Check out these three delicious recipes made with our extra-virgin olive oil, sure to fire the taste buds while still remaining healthy!

The difference between pure oil and extra virgin oil

What’s the difference between regular cooking oil and extra-virgin cooking oil? Is it healthier? Does it make a difference to your cooking? Find out here.

3 sumptuous recipes made with our delicious extra virgin olive oil

The foundation of the Mediterranean diet for thousands of years, olive oil is not only the healthier option when it comes to cooking oils, it’s also delicious and a joy to cook with!

Quick bites! 3 delicious meals you can make in under 15 minutes!

If you need something quick and simple, then check out these healthy and delicious meals you can knock up and enjoy within minutes!

Avocado oil for your skin – is it a good idea?

Using avocado oil for your skin is a common health tip, but is there any merit to it? We take a look at the apparent benefits and the evidence to back them up.

10 things to look for in a good avocado oil

When it comes to a good avocado oil, there are some things which are simply non-negotiable. Check out what makes the best stand out from the rest.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a little help from Olivado

These recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner are quick, easy to make, and above all, delicious, so you never have to feel like you’re selling yourself short.

Summer is coming! Fire up the BBQ with these 3 delicious meals

Summer is here so it’s time to slip on your silliest apron, slap on some sunscreen, and invite your friends round for an afternoon of delicious BBQ food!

Olivado launches massive sustainability project in Africa

Discover the remarkable story of how we built one of the biggest bio-gas plants in Africa, helping turn the waste product from our factory into electricity, gas, and fertiliser.

Cook like a professional with our range of infused avocado oils

Spice up your culinary life with our range of delicious infusion oils. With six mouth-watering flavours to choose from, you can transform a boring dish into something special in no time at all!

Three delicious vegan desserts from our cookbook

Becoming Vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up delicious treats! Check out these 3 mouth-watering vegan desserts, all made with a little help from our award-winning oils.

The carbon footprint of imported food is more complicated than you think

The carbon footprint of imported food is a lot more nuanced than you might think, so the idea of buying local to save the planet may be well-meaning, but not necessarily helpful. Find out why.

Three amazing Thai recipes from Chef Brett McGregor

Considered by many to be the best cuisine in the world, Thai Food is light, healthy, and deliciously fragrant. Check out these three Thai recipes brought to you by Chef Brett McGregor.

Everything you need to know about the Keto diet

One of the latest diets to become popular on social media is the Keto Diet, but is it just another flash-in-the-pan craze or is there something more to it? Read on as we explain how the diet works, what you can eat, and how avocados play a part!

Creating a natural dye with avocados

Discover how a simple process allows you to make a beautiful fabric dye from avocados, 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals. Which colour do you think it is?

Why the world has adopted the avocado oil NZ method

The cold-pressed extraction method is used around the world by all the major oil manufacturers – and it was invented right here in New Zealand by us! Discover how our pioneering work took over the industry.

3 delicious soups made special with a little help from Olivado

Soups are often overlooked when it comes to meal times, but a good, hearty soup is nutritious, satisfying and warms the soul, especially in these cold winter months.

Recent Studies Prove That Processed Foods Make You Fat

A recent scientific study has proven that eating processed foods can make you fatter. Read how researchers discovered this, why it happens, and what you can do about it.

Three mouth-watering lamb recipes from our cookbook

With 70 million sheep to choose running around, us Kiwis have discovered plenty of ways to cook lamb! Check out these delicious lamb recipes as inspiration for your next meal idea.

How our factory in Kenya thrives on sustainable practices

Discover how any waste product left over from the creation of our award-winning avocado oil is broken down and reused, helping with everything from powering local buses and trucks, to becoming fertiliser to grow more avocados!

A starter, main and dessert all made with delicious coconut oil

Coconut is what’s known as a superfood, helping with everything from aiding digestion to adding shine to your hair. And on top of that, it’s delicious! Check out this 3-course meal made with our different coconut oils.

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the healthier option

Discover the difference between regular and extra virgin olive oil, and how it’s been scientifically proven to be good for your mind, heart, and body.

3 delicious recipes to try this Easter from Olivado

If you want to make something different this year rather than the usual Easter eggs, check out the following recipes for three delicious Easter treats!

Does switching to organic food make a difference to your health?

With chronic diseases on the rise, people are switching to organic food, hoping to avoid the pesticides in the food chain – but does it make a difference?

A starter, main and dessert all made with delicious avocado oil

Avocado oil is so versatile it can be used in everything from salads to baking. Here’s a three-course meal made with your favourite cooking oil!

Here are the best oils to use when barbecuing and why

A good barbecue King or Queen knows different cooking oils do different things, so the oil you use can make a huge difference to the final taste of your meal.

Why quality cooking oils are worth paying more for

Like most things in life, if you buy cheap, you get cheap. Spending a little extra on a high-quality cooking oil is worth it for the health benefits alone. 

Avocados have extraordinary health benefits – are you eating them?

Avocados have an extraordinary range of minerals, vitamins and healthy fats, giving them a vast array of health benefits. We should all be adding avocados to our diet.

3 delicious salad recipes perfect for our long hot summer!

A good salad uses seasonal ingredients, fills a rumbling tummy, and makes the taste buds dance. Luckily we have three perfect examples right here…

The health benefits of these 5 cooking oils will amaze you

Not all cooking oils are equal. Some are better with higher temperatures, while others add flavour to a dish. These 5 oils are the healthier option:

3 delicious Christmas desserts you can make at home

Christmas presents are great of course, but for the adults, we all know the real joy of Christmas lies in the food. We’ve whipped up these three delicious desserts with a festive twist you can make for the kids at home. 

A taste of the delicious Mediterranean diet

The peoples of the Mediterranean live longer, suffer fewer heart attacks, and are less susceptible to cancer. There are many reasons and factors which contribute to these remarkable statistics, but one thing is widely accepted – the Mediterranean diet plays a huge role. Check out these 3 delicious dishes from the sun-baked region.

A taste of India – 3 delicious recipes from the subcontinent

The reason Indian food is so popular around the world is simple – it’s delicious! We’ve picked three of our favourite Indian recipes for you to try at home, each bringing a different taste and complexity. 

3 salads that will blow your taste buds away!

Salads don’t have to be the boring bit you leave by the side of your plate. A real salad can be a wondrous delight; healthy, quick and delicious! Check out these three amazing salads you can make today!

Our natural oil infusion range is perfect for any meal

If you’re getting tired of making the same old things for dinner every week, why not mix things up a bit by adding a touch of flavour with our infusion range.

The New Zealand Avocado International Industry Conference

Olivado were delighted to be a Silver Sponsor of the NZ Avocado International Industry Conference, held in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty last month, with our CEO Gary Hannam presenting a speech on the current state of the industry, both here in New Zealand and worldwide.

3 Olivado recipes for anyone with a sweet tooth

We all deserve to treat ourselves now and again, and these three delicious desserts from the Olivado recipe book are the perfect way to spoil yourself! 

See why Olivado are world leaders in high quality cooking oils

From our Fair Trade policy to our industry-adopted oil extraction technique, Olivado are world leaders in high-quality cooking oil manufacturing. Come take a look at why we’re simply the best.

3 delicious vegan recipes from Olivado

If you’re a vegan, or you’re thinking of trying a vegan lifestyle, there are thousands of recipes out there for you to try, but not all of them are made with our delicious Olivado oils, so we’ve picked these three for you to try out.

3 delicious prawn recipes for the seafood lover

Prawns are a sea-food delicacy which can be cooked in a variety of mouth-watering ways. We’ve picked three of the best prawn-based dishes in our cookbook for you to try at home, all made with the addition of Olivado’s delicious and healthy cooking oils. 

Is the Nordic Diet the healthiest diet in the world?

The Nordic Diet is the latest trending way to keep healthy and lose weight, but does it work? And if so, where does our delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil fit in?

Chef Brett McGregors three course Thai meal

Create the perfect Thai-inspired three-course meal with these hidden gems from Chef Brett McGregor. These three dishes are taken from the heart of Thailand and make a perfect starter, main and dessert!

3 mouth-watering Olivado recipes for meat lovers

Check out these three recipes for meat-lovers! Three types of meat, cooked to perfection, with sides and marinades which complement them perfectly. Enjoy!

3 delicious dessert recipes transformed with Olivado nut oils

Take a look at these three delicious nutty desserts, perfect for an indulgent bite after your main course. All made with help from the Olviado nut oil range.

3 delicious Olivado recipes suitable for vegetarians


Have a look at these three delicious vegetarian meals that are easy to make, taste delicious and with the addition of Olivado extra virgin olive oils add another dimension to your food.

Which one of our 5 Olivado Perfect Packs is your favourite?

Check out Olivado’s “Perfect Packs” – a collection of our delicious oils, chosen to work perfectly together in any situation. The only questions is, which one is right for you? 

Three delicious chicken recipes made with our Avocado oil

Check out three of the best chicken dishes you can make to impress friends and family! All with a little help from Olivados Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.

What exactly does extra virgin mean?

Regular, virgin, and extra virgin are all available in cooking oils, so what’s the difference? What makes extra virgin oil special, and is it worth the money? Discover the answers here!

We believe in Fair Trade – making conscious choices for a better world

Fair Trade is a social movement about decent working conditions, reasonable wages, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in third-world countries. Olivado are proud to be certified as a Fair Trade business.

A beginner’s guide to choosing healthy cooking oils

Cooking oils come in all shapes and sizes, varying in colour, taste and texture. Each have their own unique health advantages and disadvantages, so which is the right one to use? Our beginner’s guide to cooking oils can help.

Our Macadamia, peanut, and almond infused oils will drive you nuts!

For those of you with a taste for nuts, we have three special oils, made from macadamia, peanut and almond, all of which offer their own unique taste and flavour to any dish.

How our cold-pressed extraction method has taken over the world

Olivado’s cold-pressed extraction method, a process which allows us to keep the goodness during the transformation from fruit to oil, is now used around the world. Read more about it here:

Can quality cooking oils reduce heart disease?

As more and more studies into natural oils continue to show surprising results, it looks like we’ve been wrong about them for years, with the evidence showing they actually contain a wide-range of health benefits. Come take a look.

5 things to consider when buying cooking oil

With so many different types of cooking oil out there, it can be difficult to tell which is the good quality stuff, and which you should avoid. Check out these five pointers when buying cooking oil.

Our Infusion range will add that little bit extra to any meal

Perfect for baking and cooking, our mouth-watering Infusion Range will take your recipes to the next level!

Why coconut oil is the latest must-have cooking oil

Coconut oil has been demonised because of its high saturated fat content, but new studies are showing this much-maligned oil in a new light.

Chef Brett McGregor joins the Olivado team!

We are delighted to announce that renowned Kiwi Chef Brett McGregor is now exclusive to Olivado in all his cooking oil uses!

Why our extra virgin peanut oil should be in every kitchen

A staple of South East Asian cuisine, peanut oil can transform any meal with its unique and robust taste. Discover it’s origins, uses and health benefits here.

Discover the goodness of our extra virgin sweet Almond Oil

Used for thousands of years in both sweet and savoury dishes, almonds are packed with nutrients and health benefits. Take a look at the history of the almond, and why our Extra Virgin Sweet Almond Oil should be a part of your kitchen.

5 proven health benefits of our macadamia nut oil

Olivado’s extra virgin Macadamia Nut oil is made from the highest quality nuts from Australia’s sunshine state, Queensland. Here are 5 ways macadamia nut oil can enrich your diet and lifestyle.

Why our natural Organic Omega Oils are a daily essential

Our delicious Omega Oil is a special blend of our delicious extra virgin avocado oil and our extra virgin olive oil, with a little organic flaxseed oil thrown in just to round off the taste. Read why you should include a couple of tablespoons in your diet every day.

Why the Olivado range of delicious cooking oils are the healthier option

From glowing skin to greater memory, science is only now discovering the benefits of naturally process oils. Take a look at each of our cooking oils and discover their surprising medicinal properties.

Surprising health benefits of using olive oil in your diet

The peoples of the Mediterranean live longer, suffer fewer heart attacks, and are less susceptible to cancer. Does olive oil have something to do with it?

Olivados cold-pressed extraction process explained

Olivado pioneered the cold-pressed extraction method when creating our delicious avocado oil. This method is now used the world over. Discover how the process works, and why it results in healthier, more natural avocado oil.

Different smoking points of cooking oils and why they matter

Not all cooking oils are the same, with some reaching their smoking point at a much lower temperature than others. Discover why this happens, and how it can affect the flavours of your food. 

5 amazing benefits when you use coconut oil daily

Coconut oil has been used by people for thousands of years. Today, coconut oil is used in everything from mouthwash to anti-wrinkle cream. Discover why you should be using it too!

The surprising truth about avocado oil health benefits

Avocados are packed full of healthy fats, vitamins, and nutrients. Discover the amazing avocado oil health benefits, and how they can help you. 

Delicious Drunken Chicken recipe with Chef Brett McGregor

Kiwi Chef Brett McGregor is back in Hong Kong, where he delights in some of the world’s best street food, before learning how to make Cantonese drunken chicken. 

Brett McGregor creates a Thai-inspired red curry

In this episode of Taste of a Traveller, Brett heads to Koh Samui, one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands. He starts off by learning how to make a traditional Thai cocktail – with a little help from some highly trained monkeys!

Chef Brett Mcgregor makes kumara waffles and green-tea eggs

Brett once again heads to Hong Kong, where he learns from a dumpling master, handmakes some jewellery, and tries the best pancakes in the world, all before heading home to try his own unique recipe for kumara waffles.

Hong Kong crispy prawns with Brett McGregor

In this episode of Taste of a Traveller, Brett heads back to his old stomping ground of Hong Kong, where he pays his respects to Buddha, cooks fish with the locals, and learns some Kung Fu moves.

Dr Nic Gill loves Olivado extra virgin oils

Olivado are proud to announce that Dr Nicholas Gill has recently expressed his love for our range of extra virgin avocado oils. As one of the top Strength and Conditioning Coaches in New Zealand, Nic has worked with athletes from many disciplines with great success.

A Kenya adventure; a story of avocados, great food and wonderful people

Kiwi Chef Brett McGregor headed off to Kenya for the latest season of Taste of a Traveller, learning how to cook some local favourites and explore our avocado production plants.

Olivado’s business development manager, Pip Llewelyn, joined Brett and recorded her adventures in this remarkable blog, meeting the people who make it all happen and coming face to face with some African wildlife. 

Bangkok street food with Master Chef Brett McGregor

Master Chef winner Bret McGregor travels to Bangkok, where he delights in trying authentic Pad Thai, along with some of the city’s other street food. He then is taught how to make delicious pork ribs with a local twist, before returning to New Zealand to try his hand at the local market.

Masterchef winner Brett McGregor cooks a mouth-watering pork belly

In this week’s episode of Taste of a Traveller, Chef Brett McGregor travels to Hong Kong, where he learns how to cook a mouth-watering pork belly with Chilli Caramel and Apple Slaw. On returning to New Zealand, he cooks the dish for a very special guest.

The Olivado avocado oil story in Orchardist Magazine

This month Olivado were proud to be featured in The Orchardist, a monthly industry publication for all professional levy-paying fruit growers. 

Chef Brett McGregor cooks an authentic Thai chicken curry

In this episode of Taste of a Traveller, New Zealand Masterchef winner Brett McGregor travels to Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city. There he discovers a local chicken noodle curry and returns home to make it using local ingredients with the help of Olivado avocado oil.

Chef Brett McGregor discovers an ancient way of cooking

In this episode of Taste of a Traveller, New Zealand Master Chef winner Brett McGregor travels to Malaysia to discover an ancient way of cooking using bamboo. Brett then returns home to try the dish in his own kitchen.

Chef Corey Hume cooks Angus Prime Beef with Olivado Avocado Oil

This week on New Zealand on a Plate, we meet Chef Corey Hume. Corey is one of New Zealand’s top chefs, and often represents the country in international culinary competitions.

Chef Bradley Hornby cooks salmon using Olivado Avocado Oil

On this episode of New Zealand on a Plate, Chef Bradley Hornby creates a mouth-watering mussel and clam entrée, followed up with a sumptuous main course of King Salmon fillet.

Chef Paul Jobin cooks venison to perfection on the BBQ

Chef Paul Jobin whips up some colourful shish kebabs for a starter, and then follows up with perfectly cooked venison on homemade flatbread for a main course.

The amazing benefits of coconut oil

There are very few ingredients that have made the transformation from bad to good quite as dramatically as coconut oil. Originally vilified by the west, it is now lauded for its health benefits, and is now being recognised as a delicious and healthy alternative in the kitchen. Find out more here:


Olivado showcases new products at the Auckland Food Show

This year’s Auckland Food Show was bigger than ever, and of course Olivado were there to give tastes of our delicious range, along with introducing our two new oils.

Chef Tu Fearn cooks a delicious fish main course

In this episode of New Zealand on a Plate, respected chef Tu Fearn makes a delicious main with fresh Porae, and of course, Olivado’s delicious avocado oil.

Chef Darren Johnson creates a delicious Japanese themed dish

In this episode of New Zealand on a Plate, Chef Darren Johnson creates a stunning entrée with a Japanese theme, which of course, includes Olivado’s extra virgin peanut oil.

Chef Matt Bouterey cooks a delicious ceviche entree and lamb main

Renowned Kiwi Chef Matt Bouterey cooks up a delight in Nelson using Olivado avocado oil. For his entrée, Matt will be rustling up a Hoki ceviche with a nuoc chan dressing. For a main, he will make a delicious BBQ lamb with roast vegetables and feta salad.

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