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Wholesale avocado oil from the world’s largest producer.

Only the very best produce is used in the production of our avocado oils, grown using sustainable, organic practices across the globe.

Now available wholesale.

As the world’s largest supplier of high-quality extra virgin avocado oil, we not only supply kitchens and homes around the world with our award-winning oils, but we also offer bulk sales for manufacturers and industries.

Large bulk orders of avocado oil are available in various grades and sizes, from 200 litres to 20,000, and can be delivered globally.

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As pioneers of the cold-pressed extraction method for avocado oil, we are proud to create the healthiest, tastiest and purest oil on the market.

Olivado are carbon-neutral, sustainable, and biodiverse, leading the way in the avocado industry with our approach to regeneration, sustainability, and converting all waste to energy.

We believe in doing no harm to people or planet, and so are going beyond sustainability with innovative strategies that eliminate any environmental impact from our oil production and even bring about positive results.

Our aim is to improve the lives of our suppliers, reduce our use of fossil fuels, and make life better for everyone in the production process.

We proudly train our farmers in organic growing techniques and then have them certified by an international accrediting agency, raising the standard of living for themselves, their families, and their communities.

We buy our avocados directly from small bio-diverse farms, paying a premium set price, thus bypassing brokers and guaranteeing the farmers a regular income.

When you buy bulk avocado oil from us, you know you’re helping these small farming communities improve their lives, enabling them to purchase and maintain livestock, educate children and build quality homes.

When it comes to buying bulk avocado oil, it simply makes sense to go to the world’s largest producer of avocado oil, and that’s us.

If you are interested in buying wholesale avocado oil, please complete our inquiry form and we will contact you to discuss the availability of the grades you require by volume, grade and delivery date.

You can also contact our team:

Jason Vokes
Mob: +64 21 02710596
Email: jason@olivado.com

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Olivado are leading the way in the avocado industry with our approach to regeneration, sustainability and utilising all waste to energy. We work hard to leave our communities and environment in a better state than when we started. We are carbon neutral now and we have made a commitment to be carbon positive by 2022. Shop with us and do your part for the planet.