Cook like a professional with our range of infused avocado oils

Spice up your culinary life with our range of delicious infusion oils. With six mouth-watering flavours to choose from, you can transform a boring dish into something special in no time at all!

Having to cook something different every night that is nutritional and includes variety for you and your family can sometimes be a bit challenging.

It’s not so much about the cooking, but more about deciding what to cook that’s the problem.

A recent survey showed that couples argue over what to have for dinner more than any other subject, wasting more than 100 nights per year squabbling with each other!

We can help with this problem by introducing our infusion range, a selection of avocado oils with a twist of something special in every bottle!

Even cooking the same meal the next night but using a different oil will be a new culinary experience!

Avocado oil infused with chilli

Let’s start with something a little spicy!

Our Avocado Oil infused with chilli is perfect for anyone who likes a little kick with their dinner.

Chilli adds flavour to any meal, and even if you don’t like spicy food, you can adjust the taste by the amount you use to give your meal a unique flavour.

Of course, if you do like your food hot and fiery, then throw in some real chilli as well and cook away! Just when you think that delicious Mexican food can’t get any better, along comes avocado and chilli to take your dish to the next level.

Avocado oil infused with lime

Now let’s head in the other direction and add some lime into the mix.

The people of the Mediterranean have been using limes in their diet for thousands of years, realising (but not understanding why) they are a great source of fibre, potassium and iron.

Limes also aid in digestion and are great for your digestion, due to the high concentration of flavonoids that help to break down the macromolecules in the food.

Perfect for salads, vegetables, fish and chicken, our Avocado oils infused with lime give any dish a special hint of Mediterranean style cuisine.

Avocado oil infused with rosemary

Rosemary is known as the herb of a thousand uses, and because of its versatility, has been a staple of cooking throughout history in every corner of the globe.

Rosemary’s unmistakable aroma gives it a unique and distinct flavour to food, bringing that little extra something to anything you cook.

Avocado oil infused with garlic

Garlic might just be the first-ever “real” seasoning, used in cooking throughout the ages by pretty much every culture on Earth.

Our ancestors used it to help fight colds, flu and various viral and fungal infections, and improving the flavour of meals was an added bonus!

Garlic belongs to the same family as onions, and like its cousin, is used in all types of cooking. Our delicious Avocado oil infused with garlic will improve the flavour of everything, from steaks to soups.

Avocado oil infused with basil

Our Avocado oil infused with basil brings the best flavours out of stir-fries, allowing you to transport your kitchen to South East Asia.

Basil’s unique flavour comes from its high percentage of Vitamin K (98% of your DRA), and it is also an anti-bacterial herb, restricting the growth of dangerous bacteria such as E.Coli, which is just one of the many reasons it’s been used for centuries in the Far East.

Avocado oil infused with lemon

Lemons are the Swiss Army knives of ingredients; you can use them in almost anything.

Not only do they go with poultry, fish and red meat, but they are also perfect for baking.

If you’re making cakes, scones or jams, a dash of our Avocado oil infused with lemon will really bring your treats to life!

Lemons are also jam-packed with vitamins A, C and E – one of the reasons sailors brought them on board for long voyages to fight off scurvy.

Make a different meal every night with the same ingredients!

As any professional chef will tell you, the type of oil you use in your cooking can make a huge difference.

With our range of infused Avocado oils, you can transform a boring dish into something special in no time at all.

There are six different flavoured oils to choose from, which means you could have the same meal six nights in a row and it would taste completely different each time!

All our cooking oils are gently extracted from quality sourced ingredients. Our Natural range is produced with low heat and without chemicals resulting in stable, neutral and natural oils to provide a goodness guarantee.

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