Chef Corey Hume cooks Angus Prime Beef with Olivado Avocado Oil

This week on New Zealand on a Plate, we meet Chef Corey Hume. Corey is one of New Zealand’s top chefs, and often represents the country in international culinary competitions.

This week on New Zealand on a Plate, we meet Chef Corey Hume. Corey is one of New Zealand’s top chefs, and often represents the country in international culinary competitions. Currently the Executive Chef at the exclusive Blanket Bay Lodge, in Queenstown, Corey shows off his skills today with the help of Olivado’s delicious Avocado oil.

“I loved being in the kitchen with mum and Grandma,” Corey explains. “and I had a real attraction to food. I couldn’t keep my hands off it.” That was the start of Corey’s career as a chef. “Later in high-school it became a media for creativity and the artistic side of it.”

Chef Corey Hume

“I’m really passionate about ingredients and the quality and source of the product. I want to know the product I’m sourcing are from people who are just as passionate about it as I am. Then I know that they’ve taken good care of the product, and they really have given the best.” Working at the Blanket Bay Lodge also comes with serious responsibilities. “We have a huge responsibility to showcase New Zealand cuisines and New Zealand product at this level to international visitors.”



Anguspure Special Reserve Beef Carpaccio

Corey starts with heavily seasoning the beef with salt. “You’ll notice I don’t use any pepper, salt will bring out the natural flavour of the beef.” He explains. “I consider pepper a spice, and we’re conditioned to use it more than anything else. With all the other little condiments we have here, we don’t want to overpower the flavour.”

Corey adds some beautiful Olivado extra virgin avocado oil to the pan, and once it’s hot enough, he adds the beef. “We’re just going to sear the outside for this dish,” explains Corey. “We’re going to sear the outside, and leave it pretty much raw in the middle.”

Once the meat is seared on all sides, Corey then does something unexpected; he puts it back in the freezer. “We’ll wrap it in tin foil first, really tight, almost in the shape of a Christmas Cracker,” he says. “This helps keep is straight for when it cools down and makes it easier to cut.”

Corey lets the meat chill down, not quite to freezing temperature, but enough to make it firm and easy to cut. He then slices the cut nice and thin, into little bite-sized pieces. He adds more salt, and then it’s time for the condiments.

Chef Core Hume at Mt Cook

First Corey adds some mustard seeds, and then a little bit of minced capers. “They can be quite strong, so we have to be careful with those, we don’t want to mask the flavour of the beef.” Next come some finely diced little baby gherkins, and then some of Olivado’s avocado oil mixed with rosemary. “This is really cool,” smiles Corey. “This is one of my favourite condiments I like to use.”

He then sautés some croutons in Olivado’s avocado oil, and adds one each to the beef for a bit of crunchiness. We’re nearly finished, and all that’s left is a bit of garnish. Corey uses some beautiful rosemary flowers and micro radish for a touch of class.


Anguspure Special Reserve Beef tenderloin

Corey starts with seasoning his tenderloin with a generous amount of salt, before adding a dash of Olivado’s extra virgin olive oil. “Not too much, because we don’t want to heavily smoke the meat. Every piece of meat is slightly different, and not every piece is going to react the same way,” he explains.

After searing the tenderloin on all sides, Corey then adds his oxtail ravioli to some boiling salted water, and then after three minutes, takes it out and gently rubs some Olivado Avocado oil all over it. “Just a wee bit of oil will help stop it drying out,” he explains.

He used beef cheeks to make a delicious jus, which he then uses to rehydrate and poach the diced beef in. Corey has previously cooked the ravioli and beef cheeks on a low heat for about 24 hours in the oven.

Then it’s time to cook the vegetables. “I’m going to cook the vegetables all at the same time,” he explains before starting on the potato. Corey fries the potato fondant on one side for about 30 seconds on each side before putting it in the oven for another 2-3 minutes. While that’s happening, he adds the Kale to the boiling water for 30 seconds, along with the baby leak and baby turnips.

Olivado Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Once all the vegetables are cooked, he adds them to a frying pan with a healthy dose of butter, and keeps them warm until the meat is ready. Once Corey slices his beef it’s time to plate up!

The results are outstanding and worthy of a resort like the Blanket Bay lodge.

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