What the food purchasing world might look like post Covid-19

As the world starts to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic, what does the new normal look like when it comes to buying food? Healthy, local, and home-cooked!

It usually takes a major shift in someone’s life for them to change their habits. Having a baby, moving to another town, becoming seriously ill…

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed everyone’s life at the same time, so there will undoubtedly be a deviation in people’s behaviour on national and international scales.

But what forms will these changes take?

What is the “new normal” post Covid-19?

Global supply disrupted

The global food supply chain is a complex web of interactions between farmers, agricultural inputs, processing plants, shipping, retailers, and consumers.

With Governments shutting borders, grounding flights, and closing factories, people are realising just how reliant they have become on the globalisation for their food.

We’re lucky enough here in New Zealand to have a spectrum of climate conditions up and down the country, which allows us to grow a wide variety of produce.

But if you live in Norway, for example, it’s not easy to grow strawberries. Tropical fruit and vegetables need to be imported from hotter climes, and the pandemic has put a stop to much of that.

As the world begins to open back up, it may take years for things to return to normal, but even then we’re unlikely to see a return to the old ways.

Governments will invest more in domestic sourcing, reducing reliance on international supply chains, just in case something like this happens again.

Access to food will no longer be certain, something that the previous 2 and 3 generations have taken for granted.

Farmer's Market

People will want healthier foods

The trend of healthier eating has been on the rise for many years now, with a 600% increase in vegetarianism in the US in the last 5 years alone.

A lot of that had to do with environmentalism and sustainability, as well as health reasons, but the Covid crisis might just be the push the movement needs.

Millions were shocked to find out this pandemic started because someone ate a bat, and many who were already on the fence about eating meat jumped off with enthusiasm.

The virus was deadly to those with underlying health issues, and as we turn the corner, many will want to start a healthier lifestyle, and only eat food which is good for their immune systems and support overall health.

The switching from an animal-based diet to a plant-based one will mean an increase in the availability of meat alternatives as well as vegan options.

More people will cook at home

The lockdown around the world decimated the restaurant business, and even after lockdown, these have been the last places to open again.

Not being able to go for a meal or even quickly grab a takeaway has resulted in people appreciating food more, especially if they have a family to feed 3 times a day.

Having to cook every day for months has improved the culinary skills of many households during the lockdown, and this new cooking talent will be here to last.

Fresh foods from local markets will see an upturn as people cook from home using only the best ingredients, while home delivery will become more popular to avoid busy supermarkets.

More people will now also be working from home post-Covid, again resulting in more home-cooked meals.

Family cooking

We’ll still be here after the crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world forever.

The global disruption it has caused is the biggest thing we’ve had to deal with since the Second World War, and the recovery time after it might be just as long.

The new normal will see an increase in locally produced food, as well as a demand for healthier and more sustainable practices.

Luckily our oils meet all of these criteria.

We’ve talked before about the exceptional health benefits of our cooking oils, how they’re grown by local farmers, and how we use sustainable practices in our factories.

We’ve ridden out the pandemic when many businesses have failed, and we intend to go on for many years to come, overcoming whatever challenges lie ahead, bringing the very best cooking oils to our millions of happy customers.

If you have any questions about Olivado, our oils, or our production practices, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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