3 types of coconut cooking oil – all different, healthy and delicious

Native to all tropical regions of the world, the coconut tree is known as “the tree of life” and it’s not hard to see why.

Almost every part of the tree and its fruit can be used in some way, providing food, fuel, cosmetics, folk medicine and building materials, among many other things.

Here at Olivado, we use the fruit to make three distinct types of cooking oil, each with their own specific uses.

Health benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil has a high percentage of saturated fat, but it’s mostly lauric acid, one of the “good” types of fat. The bad reputation of saturated fat can all be traced back to one man, Ancel Keys.

Keys was a leading public-health scientist in America in the 1950s and published a report claiming that saturated fats were the main cause of heart disease. Other nutritional experts like John Yudkin claimed that sugars were the problem, but Keys had more money to promote his findings.

The twist is, Keys’ research was sponsored by the sugar companies who wanted to shift the blame to somewhere else.

It’s a conspiracy that the coconut oil industry never recovered from, but new research is now telling us that fat is an essential part of our diet, helping the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E and K.

Today, many experts consider coconut oil a “superfood” and a healthier alternative to butter in many recipes.

Olivado Organic Coconut Oil

Olivado extra virgin organic coconut oil

Our Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is created using a special cold-pressed method which allows us to keep in all the natural goodness of the coconut flesh without using harsh chemicals.

The sweet taste and alluring smell of coconut oil add life to any recipe, transforming average dishes into something special.

With a high smoking point, our organic coconut oil has a long shelf life and is solid at room temperature, meaning it can be used for baking, frying and oiling saucepans.

A rich source of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibre, you can use it as a spread, in dressings, in smoothies, and even applied topically as a nourishing skin treatment!

Olivado Natural Cooking Coconut Oil

Olivado natural organic coconut cooking oil

Our Natural Organic Coconut Oil is similar to our extra virgin coconut oil but with a little less kick.

Once again extracted and refined without chemicals, our natural coconut oil has a neutral flavour for all cooking and baking requirements.

Olivado Liquid Coconut Oil

Olivado liquid coconut oil

Finally, our Natural Liquid Coconut Oil retains all the nutritional goodness from coconuts but yet captures it in a convenient liquid form.

Grown, extracted and refined without pesticides or additives, you can use it in baking, cooking, sautéing, or even pour straight into your smoothie!

The first of its kind in the world, with a handy “pop up” pour nozzle attached to the bottle, the liquid version of our coconut oil contains 40% more medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) than even virgin coconut oil.

Add flavour to any meal with coconut oil

There is a reason why coconut oil has been used by the peoples of South East Asia for thousands of years, both as a cooking ingredient and a medicine.

It’s not only delicious, but healthy for you too, and not just when ingested.

As a main ingredient in many cosmetic products such as soap, face cream and lotion, coconut oil is beneficial for you from an aesthetic point of view.

Its low molecular weight and straight linear chain mean the protein can get inside the hair shaft, reducing protein loss for both damaged and undamaged hair.

On top of that, coconut oil also has incredible anti-microbial properties, with studies suggesting it can kill the causes of fungal infections such as ringworm, thrush, or athlete’s foot.

Other studies have also suggested it can relieve symptoms of inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, and gastric ulcers.

In short, coconut oil is good for you, both on the inside and outside!

We have plenty of recipes using coconut oil if you’re looking for some inspiration, and if you have any questions about our three types of coconut oil or any of our other products, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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