Olivado Mixed Packs

Olivado’s mouth-watering cooking oils are not only delicious, but packed full of natural minerals and vitamins, each coming with their own proven health benefits.

But with such a wide range to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which of our delicious oils to go for!

Do you stay with your tried and true original, world-famous avocado oil, or be adventurous and try something different with our macadamia nut oil?

Each of our cooking oils have their own unique strengths and are best suited for certain situations. That’s why we’ve created our Olivado “Mixed Packs” – a select choice of our high-quality oils which we believe fit together perfectly.

Now it comes down to one question… which one is perfect for you?

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Taste the Goodness!

The world’s first cold pressed extra virgin avocado oil


* Certification varies depending on the type of oil. Please refer to the individual products for certification.

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Olivado are leading the way in the avocado industry with our approach to regeneration, sustainability and utilising all waste to energy. We work hard to leave our communities and environment in a better state than when we started. We are carbon neutral now and we have made a commitment to be carbon positive by 2022. Shop with us and do your part for the planet.