Good advice on going Vegan

With supermarket aisles now laden with rainbows of plant-based foods, and our favourite restaurants offering an array of fun and delicious dishes, enjoying a vegan diet has never been easier.

How to go Vegan?

With supermarket aisles now laden with rainbows of plant-based foods, and our favourite restaurants offering an array of fun and delicious dishes, enjoying a vegan diet has never been easier.

And, with endless benefits to enjoying a meat-free life, more and more people are joining the vegan movement.

If you’ve decided you’d like to make the switch, then here are ten of our favourite tips to help you to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle.

Start Slowly

It can be easy to want to dive-in headfirst and go cold turkey! However, the most sustainable way to switch to a plant-based diet is to slowly ease yourself in. You could start by swapping your favourite breakfast or dinner for a vegan alternative, or you could try rustling up something delicious for Meat-Free Mondays instead. Remember to be gentle with yourself and enjoy the process.

Try a Fakeaway

While going vegan may sound exciting, many of us will stumble when we miss our favourite comfort foods. If you have a takeaway that you often crave after a long and exhausting day, then consider finding a vegan alternative so you can make a fakeaway at home instead. Some of our favourites include mouth-watering Palak Tofu Paneer, Tofu with Black Bean Sauce, crisp and fluffy Accordion Potatoes and comforting homemade Cauliflower Dhal. Happy eating!

Make Easy Swaps

When you’re standing in the free-from section surrounded by an array of colourful products, making the switch to veganism may seem overwhelming. Yet, there are plenty of easy swaps you can make – no stress needed! You might like to start by ditching the dairy and enjoying one of the many plant-based milks on the market (cashew milk is our favourite thanks to its creamy, neutral taste). Our oils also make healthy, nutrient-packed alternatives to butter – Olivado Extra Virgin Macadamia Nut Oil makes the fluffiest vegan banana bread, while Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil also works in all kinds of vegan bakes and cakes.

Eat the Rainbow

There are now all kinds of vegan products available, from perfect pizzas to tubs of dreamy ice cream. And, while these are great, they’re often loaded with chemicals and expensive to boot. Instead of loading up on pricey processed foods, aim to make most of your meals plant-based and reach for the rainbow. Celebrate those delicious whole foods and give your gut some loving by eating a variety of plants each day.

Don’t Sweat on Protein

One of the first things you’ll be asked as a vegan is a mystified: “But…how do you get your protein?” Don’t sweat it, though. It’s easy to get your protein when you’re plant-based, with an abundance of foods naturally rich in protein. Some of our favourites include tofu, hummus, lentils, chickpeas and beans. If you’re in a rush, consider investing in a vegan protein powder for quick and easy breakfast shakes.

Use Social Media

If you’re struggling, look to social media for inspiration. There are now endless accounts offering free and delicious vegan recipes. Some of our favourite hashtags to get inspiration from include: #veganlifestyle, #vegancooking, #veganinspiration, #veganfood, #veganhomefood, #veganfamily, #veganlife

Check the Labels

You’d be surprised at how many packaged foods contain dairy (such as milk powders) and non-vegan ingredients! Arm yourself with knowledge and start scouring the labels before buying.

Consider a Supplement

It can be tricky to get everything you need on a vegan diet, so do your research and make sure you’re nourishing yourself properly. It can be particularly tricky to get enough vitamin B12, so you might like to consider investing in a high-quality supplement or chatting things through with your doctor or a qualified nutritional therapist.

Keep It Simple

Our favourite tip of them all? Keep it as simple as possible! Arm yourself with easy, uncomplicated recipes that you can turn to at the end of a long day and load up on ingredients that you’ve already used (such as our oils) that just so happen to be vegan. The easier you make it, the more likely you are to stick with it.

Snack Attack

If you’re travelling or attending a big event – or even visiting a friend’s house – you might like to consider stashing some plant-based snacks in your bag. It always helps to be prepared.

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