Taste of a Traveller

Watch Brett McGregor, NZ’s 1st Masterchef winner, on his culinary journey doing what he does best, travelling and cooking with our oils.

Mombassa, Kenya

In Mombassa, Kenya where Brett learns to cook cassava chips, Mahamri (flat like pancakes with cardamom and coconut milk), fresh out of the sea BBQ octopus with special spices and Olivado avocado and lime oil and Swahili style lobster using Olivado extra virgin coconut oil. All of these recipes can be recreated at home…why not give it a go and bring the taste of Kenya to your kitchen!


Fiji, where the fusion of Fijian and Indian cultures flavours the food. Brett learns to cook the best curry on the island, pit-cooked chicken in banana leaves and rourou balls (made with the rourou leaf but can be made with spinach). All of these recipes can be recreated at home…why not give it a go and bring the taste of Fiji to your plate!

Chaing Rai, Thailand

Chaing Rai, Thailand, where ancient exotic food is cooked on every corner. Brett learns to cook Tom Yum soup, Thai sausage, tea leaf salad and deep-fried shitake mushrooms using the Olivado high heat cooking oil. All of these recipes can be recreated at home…why not give it a go and bring the flavours of Thailand to your home!

Western Australia

Western Australia, where good local food is at top of the menu. Brett learns about foraging for native edible plants, black truffles (which he cooks up into a delicious omlette using Olivado avocado and lime oil. He also cooks an incredible BBQ marron (giant crayfish), his favourite dish of his travels so far. All of these recipes can be recreated at home…why not give it a go and bring the flavours of Australia to your home!

Galle, Sri Lanka

Galle, Sri Lanka, a placed steeped in heritage both ancient and colonial. Brett catches Herrings on a line and cooks them with ginger and garlic, makes a delicate tea-infused fish curry and is inspired to create his own chicken and coconut curry, all using Olivado coconut cooking oil. Delicious!

New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales, Australia. In this episode Brett experiences foraging in the ocean, catching abalone, which he cooks up on the beach with garlic, chilli, ginger and lime and cooks a beautiful seafood linguine with legendary British chef Rick Stein at Bannisters. Both recipes using Olivado olive oil. He also cooks a stunning King fish at Saint Pierre in Paddington, Sydney. All you need is a great fishmonger and you can recreate these dishes at home!

Vanua Levu, Fiji

Vanua Levu in Fiji, where Brett visits the Jean Michel Cousteau Resort and learns to cook Jacunda and navigate the food market to try sea grapes. In this episode Brett learns to make coconut tart with Olivado extra virgin macadamia nut oil and a gluten free lobster pizza using pea, tapioca and rice flour…he also makes a beautiful prawn and fish coconut dish, the pure taste of Fiji. Give these dishes a go at home!

Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya, the second home of Olivado. Brett visits a Kenyan butchery and BBQ restaurant Carnivore, learns how to cook over the fire, a delicious traditional Kenyan goat recipe Nyama Choma, using Olivado extra virgin avocado oil. He then visits Olivado’s avocado oil factory and learns to make another traditional Kenyan lentil and chapatis recipe using Olivado avocado and garlic oil. Finally, with fellow Kiwi Gary Hannam (Olivado CEO) who makes a special Olivado avocado salad alongside Brett who cooks another traditional Kenyan dish, Kuku Kienyeji chicken curry with long green Moringa beans. Both recipes once again featuring Olivado’s extra virgin avocado oil, made from the avocados grown through Olivado’s fair trade climate-smart program working with small farmers in Kenya. All of these recipes can be adapted with enough creativity to try at home, give them a go and bring the taste of Kenya to your table.

North Queensland, Australia

Tropical North Queensland, Australia. Cooking up a Kangaroo prosciutto and goats cheese crepe, crab salad at the Thala Beach Nature Reserve and a very unusual palm heart salad. These recipes will make your mouth water and definitely worth recreating at home!

Petchaburi, Thailand

Petchaburi, Thailand where Thai people holiday, famous for seafood and sweets. Here Brett learns to make Foy Tong (sweet egg noodles), Khanom tan (palm cakes), clam noodles, deep-fried soft-shell crabs cooked in Olivado high heat cooking oil, with coriander root and garlic fried in Olivado extra virgin peanut oil with palm sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar and salt, ending with a generous sprinkling of slow-cooked garlic….delicious!

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