Why our natural infusion range will transform your cooking skills!

Perfect for both cooking and baking, our Natural Infusion Range is the simplest way you can bring your cooking skills to the next level.

Our award-winning avocado oil is incredible to cook with, tastes delicious and is even good for your health.

You would think it doesn’t get any better than that, but, surprisingly, it does.

Introducing our natural infusion range.

natural infusion range

How to improve on perfection

Olivado’s Extra Virgin Avocado Oil comes with it’s wide-ranging health benefits, which we’ve talked about before. But sometimes, just adding a little hint of flavour to something makes it better, and our oil is no different.

That’s why we created the Natural Infusion range of avocado oils; each one slightly different in flavour but no less delicious.

Different flavours enhance different foods, and this is where our natural range shines.

By simply using a different cooking oil, you can transform a recipe into something special, something new, and something you’ll always come back to.

Avocado oil and lemon

Lemons are the (not so) secret ingredient in every Chef’s kitchen.

A touch of lemon into any recipe can transform it, changing its entire profile.

From chicken to seafood to cupcakes, a dash of lemon delights the tastebuds and turns a regular recipe into something special.

Our avocado oil infused with lemon is simply magic in a bottle.

Suggested recipe: Lemon muffins

Avocado oil and lime

Limes are another great ally in the fight against bland food.

Limes will enhance the flavour of everything from soups to salads without adding fat or calories.

Used a lot in baking to give a fresh, light flavour, lime is a flavour enhancer rather than having its own distinct tang.

This makes it perfect for our natural infusion range, adding to the already delicious flavour of our avocado oil.

Suggested recipe: Chicken Enchiladas

Avocado oil and garlic

Garlic is one of the most popular (and important) seasonings in cooking around the world.

To the uninitiated, the pungent smell of raw garlic might put people off, but once cooked, garlic becomes a mild, sweet flavour.

Garlic is often used to add extra flavour to stews and meats, usually in a marinade or a sauce, but such is the versatility of garlic, it can be used in anything from soups to toast!

Suggested recipe: Sweet & Sour Chillli Prawns

Avocado oil and basil

A herb used a lot in Italian cooking, basil is also found in South East Asian cuisine and comes with a sweet smell and peppery taste.

Basil is used more in kitchens as an ingredient in sauces, in vinegar and pesto, rather than an addition to the meat or vegetables, but it can also be used as a garnish.

Truly a unique tasting ingredient, basil mixed with our avocado oil is a match made in heaven!

Suggested recipe: Venison lasagne

Avocado and rosemary

The herb of a thousand uses, Rosemary is found in every major cuisine throughout the world, and it’s not hard to see why.

A strong, beautiful fragrance, its distinctive aroma is used in perfumes as well as cooking.

Because its scent is so strong, rosemary is used to flavour protein as it cooks, and you’ll often find it stuffed inside a chicken while it roasts.

Our avocado oil is the perfect balance for the strong flavour, resulting in delicious cooking oil.

Suggested recipe: Sticky Slow Roast Lamb

Avocado and Chilli

For those of us who like a little bit of a kick with our food, then this is the cooking oil for you!

Spicy food isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but our avocado infused with chilli is the perfect in-between.

Leave the actual chillis out of the recipe and cook with this instead. The result will be spicy enough for those who are not used to it but flavoursome enough for those who like a bit of heat.

That little extra kick is what sets this incredible oil apart from everything else and is sure to transform a good meal into a great one!

Suggested recipe: Quesadillas with Pineapple Salsa

We don’t do bland and neither should you!

Our Natural Infusion Range is the simple way you can transform your cooking, bringing it to the next level.

A hint of lemon, the taste of rosemary, a kick of chilli… all these things can transform a normal dish into something exceptional, and all it takes is a slight change in your cooking oil.

Our infusion range comes in six mouth-watering flavours, meaning you could have the same meal for a week and it will be different every time!

Perfect for both cooking and baking, our Natural Infusion Range of oils are processed on low heat using our industry-changing cold extraction process, allowing us to retain all the natural goodness of the ingredients without using chemicals.

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