Our factory in Murang’a, Kenya is on the cutting-edge of sustainable practices thanks to the Olivado Biogas Project.

These two huge domes collect all our factory’s waste and turn it into fuel, powering the factory and vehicles, making our entire operation completely sustainable.

A smart, sustainable solution

The biogas project was the perfect solution to the problem of how to deal with the factory’s organic waste.

A huge project, worth the effort

Our factory in Murang’a, Kenya is on the cutting edge of sustainable practices thanks to the Olivado Biogas Project.

This project was created to find a responsible and sustainable solution for dealing with the waste the factory produces.

These two huge anaerobic digesters, each with 1,400m³ substrate capacity, break down the organic waste from the avocado oil process, creating useable, efficient gas to power our generators.

Biogas is a perfect solution for treating the organic waste from the factory, as it not only offers a renewable substitute to costly and unreliable grid electricity, but it is also an alternative to the environmentally damaging vehicle fuel that is currently used.

On top of that, a by-product from this process comes in the form of a bio-fertiliser from digester effluent, adding further value to this treatment process.

We have designed and successfully installed a system that costs a fraction of other similar systems in the region, while having developed the local skills required to implement and operate such a facility.

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As part of Sarah’s Country “Change Maker” show, Gary our CEO explains how we are leading the way in the New Zealand avocado industry with our approach to regeneration, sustainability and utilising all waste to energy.

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  • The oils from Olivado are absolutely divine. Gourmet at a price families can afford. I love that only a little is needed for a big impact. A simple meal is changed instantly merely by adding one of Olivados many flavoured oils or simply the oils.

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  • These Olivado Oils are 'liquid gold' for the keen home cook. The infused oils are such a delicious, healthy ingredient. I couldn't get by without a few bottles in my pantry!

    Diane Davidson Source: FACEBOOK
  • Great products, great owner and managerial staff, lovely people, love your products, certified organic thank you. Great variety.

    Michelle Wilkie Source: FACEBOOK
  • Quite simply the very best - extra virgin cold pressed. Absolute favourite is the lemon infused avocado oil - try pan frying your fish using this amazing oil!

    Jenny Hare Source: FACEBOOK
  • Love all your oils but always buy the avocado oil. It has an amazing taste in salads and cooking.

    Michelle Anderson Source: FACEBOOK
  • I’m allergic to olives so avocado oil is what I use, and Olivados is the best. Best flavour, best texture, and certainly best price. Thankyou Olivado. You rock!!

    Deborah Griffin Source: FACEBOOK
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Olivado are leading the way in the avocado industry with our approach to regeneration, sustainability and utilising all waste to energy. We work hard to leave our communities and environment in a better state than when we started. We are carbon neutral now and we have made a commitment to be carbon positive by 2022. Shop with us and do your part for the planet.