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Tomato SoupBy The Olivado TeamTomato soup is a comforting meal during winter. Using Olivado oils, this recipe takes the classic tomato soup up a notch. Check it out here.
Roasted Cauliflower and ChickpeasBy Brett McGregorCauliflower is incredible versatile and Chef Brett McGregor shows us how to pair it with chickpeas in this healthy, easy recipe.
Spinach and Feta PieBy The Olivado TeamCreate the perfect pie with this recipe for a Spinach and Feta Pie, made with a little help from Olivado's avocado oil. Full recipe and method here:
Sausage Rocket and Pesto PizzaBy The Olivado TeamCheck out the instructional video on how to make this Sausage Rocket and Pesto Pizza dish, made with a little help from our extra virgin olive oil.
Saucy Spaghetti BologneseBy The Olivado TeamMade with a little help from our extra virgin olive oil, this recipe for a Saucy Spaghetti Bolognese is perfect for having guests over.
Rib Eye Roast BeefBy The Olivado TeamCheck out our video on how to make the perfect Rib Eye Roast Beef dish, with a little help from our extra virgin olive oil. Full method here:
Potato FoccaciaBy The Olivado TeamThis recipe for Potato Foccacia uses our world-famous extra virgin olive oil, resulting in a beautiful bread that will satisfy everyone!
Mediterranean Chicken BakeBy The Olivado TeamThis gorgeous Mediterranean Chicken Bake recipe will delight the tastebuds and wow your friends and family. Check out the full method here:
Lemon Fettuccine with ScallopsBy The Olivado TeamMade with our delicious extra virgin olive oil, this Lemon Fettuccine with Scallops recipe is perfect as a light lunch when entertaining.
Lamb and Tzatziki Pita BreadsBy The Olivado TeamDiscover these amazing Lamb and Tzatziki Pita Breads, made with our extra virgin olive oil. Full recipe and video tutorial here:
Herb Crusted Rack of LambBy The Olivado TeamTurn a rack of lamb into something special with this Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb Recipe from Olivado. Full instructional video here:
Caesar SaladBy The Olivado TeamThis recipe for a Fresh Caesar Salad is perfect for a light lunch. Check out the full recipe and instructional video here:
Crepes with Spinach, Cheese, MushroomsBy The Olivado TeamPerfect for lunch or as a light meal, these Crepes with Spinach, Cheese, Mushrooms are quick and easy to make. Check out the instructional video here:
Coq au vinBy The Olivado TeamThis gorgeous Coq au vin recipe made along with Olivado's extra virgin olive oil is the perfect meal for cold winter nights! Take a look here:
Chicken Chorizo and Bean CasseroleBy The Olivado TeamThis amazing Chicken Chorizo and Bean Casserole will delight your family and wow your guests. Take a look at the full recipe and method here:
Sausage and Tomato Pasta BakeBy The Olivado TeamPasta bakes are an easy, convenient weeknight meal and this beef sausage and tomato pasta bake is a true crowd pleaser. Get the recipe here.
Hearty Vegetable & Chorizo SoupBy The Olivado TeamWatch the full video instructions on how to make this mouth-watering vegetable and chorizo soup, brought to you by Olivado.
Pear ChutneyBy The Olivado TeamCheck out this recipe for pear chutney. Tangy and sweet, it's everything you want in a chutney and pairs perfectly with cheeses and meats.
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