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BBQ Fish and Avocado Oil Sauce

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time1 hr

Learn how to make the perfect BBQ Fish and Avocado Oil Sauce with Olivado's mouth-watering recipe. Read the full instructions here:

seafood recipes - BBQ Fish and Avocado Oil Sauce


Whole fish
Lemon juice
Sea salt
Avocado Oil Basting Sauce:
2 cups Extra Virgin Avocado Oil
1 cup lemon juice
Sea salt
Freshly ground pepper


1. About an hour prior to the barbeque, pour lemon juice over the fish and turn to moisten, then sprinkle with sea salt and place in refrigerator.

2. To make the basting sauce, whisk avocado oil and lemon juice in a bowl, add oregano, sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

3. Place fish on hot barbeque grill and baste well with sauce as it cooks, turning to ensure both sides are basted.

4. To serve, pour some of the basting sauce over the fish and accompany with salad or rice.

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