The Salad Lover – Mixed Pack

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A range of six oils perfect for salads, including our famous dressing.

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About this Product

The Salad Lover pack is perfect for drizzling over salads or used for dipping crusty bread.

This pack includes our famous balsamic dressing, a blend of Extra Virgin Avocado Oil and balsamic vinegar combined with lemon juice, Dijon mustard, black pepper and garlic to provide a delicious, healthy dressing for all salads.

The smooth and mild taste of ripe avocado with a tang of premium balsamic vinegar, contains no sugar, sweeteners, trans fats, additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

The salad lover also contains our Organic Omega Oils – one of our finest creations.

This unique blend of our extra virgin avocado oil and our extra virgin olive oil (with a little organic flaxseed oil thrown in) is perfect as a salad dressing, drizzled over steamed vegetables, or in a smoothie.

The Salad Lover Mixed Pack includes these six products:

  • Extra Virgin Avocado Oil – 250ml
  • Extra Virgin Avocado Oil Lemon Zest – 250ml
  • Extra Virgin Sesame Oil – 250ml
  • Natural Omega Oils Organic – 250ml
  • Extra Virgin Sweet Almond Oil – 250ml
  • Natural Avocado Balsamic Dressing – 250ml