Avocado Oil & Rosemary, 250ml

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Known as the herb of a thousand uses because of its versatility, Rosemary has been a staple of cooking throughout history in every corner of the Earth.

Rosemary’s distinct aroma brings an unmistakable touch to food, bringing that little bit extra to everything from soups to pasta.

A rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, Rosemary has a myriad of medicinal benefits, from enhancing memory and concentration to improving digestion.

Add this fragrant evergreen herb to your cuisine with our Avocado and Rosemary infusion range!

Size: 250ml / 8.45fl.oz. bottle

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About this Product

The Olivado Infusion Range

Olivado’s infusion range is a selection of avocado oils with a twist of something special in every bottle!

With our range of infused Avocado oils, you can transform a boring dish into something special in no time at all. Even cooking the same meal the next night but using a different oil will be a new culinary experience!

All our cooking oils are gently extracted from quality sourced ingredients. Our natural infusion range is produced with low heat and without chemicals resulting in stable, neutral and natural oils to provide a goodness guarantee.

With half a dozen flavours and aromas to choose from, you will always find the perfect combination to add to your food, no matter what you’re cooking.

Nutrition Information

Figures are based on average per 100ml

Energy 3380kj
Protein <0.1g
Total Fat 91.2g
Saturated Fat 14g
Polyunsaturated Fat 7.7g
Monounsaturated Fat 69.5g
Trans Fat 0.1mg
Cholesterol 0.5mg
Carbohydrate 0.0mg
Sugars 0.0g
Sodium <1.2mg
Vitamin E 20.0mg

Suggested Recipes