Bring your cooking game to the next level with our High Heat cooking oil

Knowing which type of oil to add to enhance the flavour is only half the battle.

Oils are not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Just like the seeds and nuts they are processed from, they come in many different shapes and sizes.

Every oil has its own chemical composition, meaning they all react differently to heat.

It is this difference that gives different oils their various smoking points.

What is a smoking point?

The smoking point of an oil is when it stops shimmering and starts smoking. The oil hasn’t started to go on fire yet (the flash point), but it’s getting there as the temperature rises.

Some oils have low smoking points, like extra virgin olive oil (typically around 160 °C), while others have high smoking points, such as extra virgin avocado oil (typically up to 255 °C).

Why are smoking points important in cooking?

When an oil begins to smoke, it’s a sign that the chemical composition is starting to break down.

This can result in a burnt or bitter flavour, ruining a dish. It also releases free radicals, rogue molecules that can damage cells in the body.

As a general rule, the higher an oil’s smoking point, the more refined and processed it is. A higher smoking point gives you more cooking options. Oils with lower smoking points tend to be used for lightly sautéing or marinading.

High heat cooking oil

Our High Heat cooking oil

We have developed our very own high heat cooking oil for you to use without losing the delicious flavour of our lower heat oils.

A scintillating mix blend of Extra Virgin Avocado and Olive Oils together with Sunflower Oil makes for a very mild flavour that provides the perfect oil for high heat cooking.

With a smoking point of 220 °C, it’s perfect for barbeques, as well as stir-frying, wok cooking, and roasting.

Other oils suitable for high heat

As different oils have different smoking points, here are a few of our favourites from the hotter end of the range.

Avocado oil

One of the highest smoking points of any cooking oil, our extra virgin avocado oil brings with it an unmistakable, delicious flavour to any meal.

As well as being perfect for high heat cooking, avocado oil is one of the healthiest oils out there.

The pulp of the avocado is packed with around 20 minerals and vitamins, and thanks to our pioneering cold-extraction method, our oil keeps the goodness after the fruit is processed, making it all the way onto your plate.

Peanut oil

Often used in Middle Eastern and Asian cooking, peanut oil is a versatile and healthy oil with a high smoking point.

With its light golden colour and smooth nutty flavour, it’s packed with vitamin E and antioxidants. Peanuts are proven to have a wide range of health benefits, including lowering the risk of stroke and slowing the onset of cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Sesame oil

Known as the Queen of Cooking Oils, sesame oil has been used in cooking since ancient times. The source of old wives’ tales for thousands of years about curing whatever ails ya, recent scientific studies show that it can actually assist in the management of cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as in weight reduction.

Our Extra Virgin Sesame Oil has a mild, nutty flavour and is excellent as a neutral cooking oil for the barbecue, and of course, works well in high heat.

Sweet Almond

Originally from South West Asia, Sweet Almond Oil has a high smoking point of 220°C, perfect for deep frying and adding a delicious, nutty flavour at the same time.

Over the years it has become an essential ingredient in French and Italian baking, and is a great source of Vitamins D and E.

Olivado High heat cooking oil

Make sure you use the right oils for high heat cooking

All of the above oils are available as part of our incredible range, but our high heat cooking oil is made especially for those extra hot moments in the kitchen.

It combines taste and goodness in one delicious and healthy bottle, as a versatile and economic option for everyday cooking.

Every oil in the Olivado range is grown in NZ or sourced from the best international providing oils of exceptional quality and nutritional value.

If you have any questions about us or our range of high heat cooking oils, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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