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Fiji: Rourou Balls

Yields1 Serving

In this episode of Taste of a Traveller, Brett travels to Fiji and learns how to make Rourou Balls. Read the full recipe here:

Fijian Rourou Balls Recipe


750g / 1.6lbs rourou leaves
4 cloves garlic, minced, divided measure
1 cup coriander, finely chopped, divided measure
1 cup spring onion, finely chopped, divided measure
1 cup basil leaves, torn
1 cup of ground flour
2 pinches of salt
2 pinches of black pepper
1 cup coconut cream
½ cup chicken stock
4 Tbsp Avocado oil


1. Tear the stalks off the rourou leaves and tear the leaves again into smaller pieces. Place the leaves into a saucepan of boiling water.

2. 1 hour later, mash the leaves finely with the back of a spoon or with a masher, and strain all the excess water.

3. Put 3 tbsp of mashed rourou leaves in a bowl. Add a handful of chopped spring onions, a handful of chopped coriander, half of the garlic, pinch of salt, black pepper and the torn basil leaves in with the rourou leaves.

4. Mix all together gently with your hands and roll into little balls (roughly the size of meatballs). Dip the balls into the ground flour so they are lightly covered.

5. Place the avocado oil in a frypan and heat to medium-low. Place the floured balls in the pan, making sure not to burn the leaves. Allow several minutes to cook until golden brown.

6. Take the balls out of the fry pan and add the coconut cream, chicken stock, the rest of the garlic and a pinch of salt and black pepper. Let the mixture simmer, then add the rourou balls back in.

7. Baste the rourou balls in the creamy mixture for 5 minutes. Add extra coriander and spring onions into the pan as garnish.



If you cannot get rourou leaves, try using spinach instead and blend the leaves rather than mash to get a similar texture.

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