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Chicken Avocado and Noodle Salad

Yields4 ServingsPrep Time30 minsCook Time30 minsTotal Time1 hr

Check out the recipe for this delicious Chicken Avocado and Crunchy Noodle Salad, brought to you by Olivado's recipe book. Full video here:

Chicken Avocado and Crunchy Noodle Salad


2 Chicken Breasts - butterflied
A knob butter
Salt & pepper
2 packs egg noodles
1L /34fl.oz High Heat Oil for deep frying
2 avocados - sliced
250g /8.8oz 1 punnet cherry tomatoes- halved
Handful coriander
Handful mint
Handful parsley
¼ red cabbage - shredded

For the dressing
1 tbsp honey 
1 lemon - zest & juice
½ cup Extra Virgin Olive oil
1 tsp whole grain mustard
½  tsp dried chilli flakes


  1. Rub the chicken breast with salt and pepper. Heat the butter in a frypan over a medium-high heat. Fry off the butterflied chicken breast until perfectly cooked. Set aside covered to rest.
  2. Cook the noodles according to the packet instructions. Drain and set aside.
  3. In a separate large heavy pot, heat the  High heat Oil over a medium/hot heat. Being very careful not burn yourself, deep fry â…“ of the noodles until golden and crispy. Drain excess oil with kitchen towel.
  4. To make the dressing, place the honey, lemon zest and juice, Extra Virgin Olive oil, whole grain mustard and chilli flakes in a bowl and whisk to combine. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Shred the chicken and in a beautiful serving dish combine with the avocado, coriander, mint, parsley, cabbage and tomatoes.. Break up noodles into clusters and add to the salad. Drizzle over dressing and serve immediately.
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