Chef Brett McGregor joins the Olivado team!

We are delighted to announce that renowned Kiwi Chef Brett McGregor is now exclusive to Olivado in all his cooking oil uses!

We are delighted to announce that renowned Kiwi Chef Brett McGregor is now exclusive to Olivado in all his cooking oil uses!

The former deputy principal shot to fame in 2010 after winning the first ever series of Masterchef New Zealand, and since then has become one of the country’s most beloved chefs.

Chef Brett McGregor loves Olivado

Tasty, fresh and easily achievable

Brett’s love of cooking began as a child, helping his mother in the kitchen. “I’m sure my mum could open any fridge in the country and cook a sensational meal from its contents without batting an eyelid,” he says.

It was through his parents’ travels that Brett discovered exotic flavours from around the world. By bringing home foreign herbs and spices, meals became a way to re-create a memory, rather than just a daily chore.

This passion for travel was amplified when Brett went to University to study anthropology. “My studies spurred on years of travelling the globe, eating and learning the joys of another country’s food.”

This passion is obvious with Brett’s TV show, A taste of a Traveller. Now in its third season, the show sees Brett travelling to different countries and learning how to make traditional dishes from local chefs. He then heads back home to Aotearoa to try his hand recreating the dish with local ingredients.

Brett McGregor

Brett and Olivado

Brett has been using our oils in his cooking for a while now, but it was during the filming of his TV show that he got to see first-hand how they are produced. Our very own Pip Llewelyn joined Brett on his trip to Kenya, and documented their adventure in her blog.

Our story in Kenya and the oil extraction process really made an impression on Brett, and now he’s joined the Olivado family, he’ll be using our range exclusively in his cooking from now on.

“It always comes back to flavour and health benefits for me, and Olivado ticks all the right boxes,” he explains. “Olivado have the best range around at the moment and I am loving drizzling, frying, tossing and adding a little bit of deliciousness all the time.”

Brett has created some delicious meals during his travels, and we’ve picked out a few of the best:

Drunken Chicken in Hong Kong

In this episode of Taste of a traveller, Brett heads to Hong Kong, the only city in the world where the Michelin guide has given stars to street food vendors. There he learns how to make Cantonese drunken chicken before returning home and adding his own twist.

Bangkok Street Food

Brett finds himself in Thailand in this episode, participating in the annual Loy Krathong festival, a night of performance, lights and beauty contests to thank the Goddess of water. After trying some authentic Pad Thai from a street vendor, Brett learns how to make pork ribs with a local twist.

Thai Red Curry

Staying in Thailand, but heading down to the islands, Brett has a ‘curry cook off’ with a local chef at an exclusive resort (and does New Zealand proud). He then comes home and tries to make the dish again, but only with the ingredients available in your local supermarket.

Hong Kong Crispy Prawns

It’s back to Hong Kong, and this time Brett throws in some sight-seeing and martial arts lessons before getting to work. Using Olivado’s peanut oil, he whips up some mouth-watering crispy prawns with chilli and garlic dipping sauce.

Brett cooking

Join Brett in his cooking oil choice

We are the world’s number one producer of organic avocado oil, exporting to over 30 countries around the globe.

Our pioneering cold-extraction process is now used through-out the industry, designed to retain the natural goodness and taste with the minimal amount processing.

Proven to be one of the healthiest and most versatile oils, the rich, smooth taste of our avocado oil enhances flavour and goes with everything from salads to smoothies.

Join Chef McGregor and make your cooking oil choice Olivado. Contact us today if you would like to know more. Our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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