Chef Matt Bouterey cooks a delicious ceviche entree and lamb main

Renowned Kiwi Chef Matt Bouterey cooks up a delight in Nelson using Olivado avocado oil. For his entrée, Matt will be rustling up a Hoki ceviche with a nuoc chan dressing. For a main, he will make a delicious BBQ lamb with roast vegetables and feta salad.

This episode of New Zealand on a Plate sees renowned Kiwi Chef Matt Bouterey cook up a delight in Nelson.

Born in Taranaki, Matt travelled the world developing his culinary skills. Michelin trained, has worked with esteemed chefs such as Anthony Demetre, Bruno Loubert, Gary Holihead and Gary Rhodes. Working in London he ran Sugar Reef, a restaurant owned by Marco Pierre White & Mark Fuller.

On his return to Aotearoa, 11 years ago, Matt settled in Nelson, and now owns and runs a trendy urban oyster bar and eatery. “I came to Nelson to see a mate that worked for me in London, and never left,” says Matt. “It’s a magic spot, with magic people and magic scenery.”

For his entrée, Matt will be rustling up a Hoki ceviche with a nuoc chan dressing. For a main, he will make a delicious BBQ lamb with roast vegetables and feta salad.




Hoki Fillet Sashimi


Nuoc chan dressing




To make the Nuoc chan dressing for the sashimi, Matt grates a table spoon of Palm sugar. Taking a lime, he adds the zest and then squeezes the lime juice and allows it to dissolve the palm sugar. He then adds some rice vinegar and two table spoons of soy sauce, mixing it all together. Using a micro plane, Matt grates some fresh ginger along with a touch lemongrass, and a wee bit of fish sauce.

Chef Matt Boutery

“Hoki is a beautiful fish, under-utilised here in New Zealand.” Matt tells us. “It’s soft with a mild flavour, perfect for Asian flavours.”

To make the Matt ceviche, Matt dices up the Hoki into even sizes. “If the pieces are too big or too small,” Matt explains, “the flavour is not consistent.” He then adds the zest and juice of two lemons, a good sized thumb of ginger, diced red onion and tomatoes. Ceviche wouldn’t be ceviche without heat, so Matt adds chopped red chilli peppers. After he chiffonades some coriander, Matt then mixes everything up and allows it to marinade for 20 minutes.

While the ceviche is marinating, Matt goes back to his dressing for the sashimi. He adds sliced red onions and chilies into the nuoc cham dressing and lets them marinate, soaking up the flavours. After spooning the dressing over the ceviche, he adds some spring onions and then his secret weapon- Olivado extra virgin avocado oil with lemon zest.

Once Matt adds coconut cream to the Ceviche and mixes it though, it’s ready to serve!




Chargrilled pure south lamb


Roasted Vegetable


Feta salad.


To make the main, Matt takes some lamb loin, marinated in rosemary and lemon thyme, and adds some sea-salt to it. After drizzling it in Olivado avocado oil, Matt sears it off for about three minutes on each side, before taking it off the heat and letting it rest.

While the lamb is resting, Matt chops up some vegetables. Eggplant, onions and lemon thyme are chopped up and covered with Olivado’s avocado oil. Matt adds to that courgette, carrots, fennel, mushrooms, and whole peppers, and again adds a generous amount of Olivado avocado oil. “Don’t be afraid to get the oil in there,” advises Matt. “Finish off with a bit of as asparagus and then get it on the Barbie.”

The next step is making flat bread. Take 150 grams of flour, some baking powder, lemon thyme, lemon zest, ginger and Marlborough sea-salt. Add another 150 grams of yoghurt and Olivado avocado oil, and mix it all together. Roll it out and put it on the BBQ. While that’s cooking, Matt makes a dressing for the vegetables and lamb. He mixes natural yoghurt with onions, cucumber, lemon juice and lemon zest, with ginger zest of course Olivado oil. Add a pinch of Marlborough sea-salt, and you’ve got the perfect dressing.

Chargrilled pure south lamb

Matt then chops up some fresh parsley, fresh coriander and French tarragon. “Grate some fresh ginger over the salad, it goes really well with lamb,” he explains. “Squeeze some fresh lime juice, a wee bit of Marlborough sea-salt, and more of the Olivado avocado oil.”

Mix the salad with the cooked veggies, and add the lamb, drizzle with your dressing, and there you have it, a delicious meal for the perfect sunny day!

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