Does switching to organic food make a difference to your health? Here are the best oils to use when barbecuing and why The New Zealand Avocado International Industry Conference

Olivado were delighted to be a Silver Sponsor of the NZ Avocado International Industry Conference, held in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty last month, with our CEO Gary Hannam presenting a speech on the current state of the industry, both here in New Zealand and worldwide.

See why Olivado are world leaders in high quality cooking oils Is the Nordic Diet the healthiest diet in the world? We believe in Fair Trade – making conscious choices for a better world How our cold-pressed extraction method has taken over the world Can quality cooking oils reduce heart disease?

As more and more studies into natural oils continue to show surprising results, it looks like we've been wrong about them for years, with the evidence showing they actually contain a wide-range of health benefits. Come take a look.

Chef Brett McGregor joins the Olivado team! Dr Nic Gill loves Olivado extra virgin oils

Olivado are proud to announce that Dr Nicholas Gill has recently expressed his love for our range of extra virgin avocado oils. As one of the top Strength and Conditioning Coaches in New Zealand, Nic has worked with athletes from many disciplines with great success.

A Kenya adventure; a story of avocados, great food and wonderful people

Kiwi Chef Brett McGregor headed off to Kenya for the latest season of Taste of a Traveller, learning how to cook some local favourites and explore our avocado production plants.

Olivado's business development manager, Pip Llewelyn, joined Brett and recorded her adventures in this remarkable blog, meeting the people who make it all happen and coming face to face with some African wildlife. 

The Olivado avocado oil story in Orchardist Magazine